Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm not tired today, just a lil beat from this heat. Haha I rhymed, did ya catch that? Where was I? Oh yeah, beat heat... running the hills in the hot sun makes me feel as if by August I'll be as black as a July crow (i know, that's real country).

I've been in an extremely relaxed mood since Sunday morning, I do believe church has something to do with that, but, church always calms me. I've also been quite giggly. Laughing at the dumbest things, and the almost funny but not quite funny things too.

Today at work the guys came and chilled with us after lunch and we had the most random conversation, about sex. Of course, I had quite a bit that I wanted to share but, I couldn't.

Yeah, I made my little comments every now and then but I said nothing incriminating. It was kind of disgusting to hear about some of things they had all done. And how many people they had done them with.

It made me frown at myself just a little, I mean compared to them, I'm the Virgin Mary, but still... WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW.

This makes me feel so much better about my ability to not do the do. It even suppressed that little craving I woke up with.

Smh, but there is one girl who claims to be a virgin in our little group. The guys said she's a virgin in the *points down at the va-j-j* area but her mouth is well on its way to being given the Nobel peace prize (whatever that means lol).

All I could do is laugh... still laughing... ok I'm done. We all shared some random thoughts, ideas, and stuff that was just TMI for me lol.

But work was mad chill today and now, I'm going home to cook, watch Hawthorne, and pass out from the heat.

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