Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shout Out Thursday!

Even thought the Shout Out Saturday movement I was a part of came to an abrupt end I must shout out this blogger that truly writes some good things.

Y'all check this out:

This is a re-post. I didn't have any followers at the time and this is one of my favorite poems . I would love to hear what you think of it. My life has changed dramatically since I wrote this.

Looking In the mirror
reflecting on the past.
How I often wondered,
how it went so fast.
The opportunities I've squandered.
The blessings I've missed,
while living my life in total ignorance.
Not really understanding how to remain optimistic.
I abandoned my morals and ignored my religion.
But God cast a storm that influenced my decision.
Before you knew it I was at his submission.
He held me tight. Then let me go.
Then whispered to me: "Fear no more".
I got up and knew: right away,
that today was the beginning
of the rest of my days.
With renewed faith
and a sense of purpose
I was able to recover
what almost perished.
Now I stand here
Looking in the mirror
admiring my self
Reflection that is.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Back to Here

I miss writing every single day, even if it was pointless, useless info to others what I wrote on my blog was important to me even if it was silly or stupid.

None of it was ever useless to me though, because I know when it comes to writing, even if its not poetry, or I'm not getting ready for Spoken Word or Open Mic Night I'm still writing.

Thats where I need to be, and I'm finally getting back to here.

I've been contemplating opening my mind back up all year (well for the last month and a half) and due to a simple question I will now blog and journal on a daily basis.

Besides, whose to say that my writing isn't something that will one day be great. Okay, that may be a bit far fetched but you know what I'm saying.

So, I'm back to here... man there's no place like home.

*smile and exhale*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Perfect Valentines Day

*Thinking... thinking... thinking...*

Valentines is a cute little holiday, when you're 10 and in elementary school. But at 21, it doesn't really seem all that appealing.

I've been pondering on this same thought all day and a for a few moments in the previous day.

Valentines day is not for me... I mean what was I thinking.

Don't get it twisted... I loved the gifts I've gotten. The flowers, candy, jewelry, and stuffed animals were all very sweet but...

Eventually, my flowers will doe, everyone else will eat my candy, my stuffed animal will end up in my kid sisters room and the jewelry, well it all went... away.

The one thing I've always wanted for v-day is nowhere near the holiday shopping isle in wal-mart where all the little cute v-day candies are. And it is not at the florists, or the jeweler's.

In my eyes, and in my own little world, the perfect "valentines day date and gift" would be some quality time.

It's all I've ever wanted and quite frankly... it's probably all I'll ever want because I can buy my own candy and jewelry, I make flower pens so I always have some flowers nearby, and the stuffed animals I can win at a theme park or carnival.

*Daydreaming... daydreaming... daydreaming... smile... big smile*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Argh, Ugh, and Sheesh Man!!!!

What now? I mean really is it that hard for someone to actually open up and say something other than the same 6 or 7 words?

Sometimes when we talk I feel like I may be rambling or talking to much because he says nothing. It really is starting to piss me off.

And people wonder why I'd rather not say anything to them about what I'm doing or how I'm feeling. Maybe it's because people act like they don't care.

UGH!!! I'm just so fed up with having the same conversation over and over. Me doing all the talking and him just listening.

Don't get me wrong it's nice to have someone who'll listen. I truly love and appreciate that but DANG! How about a little reciprocation.

When I feel like I'm talking to much I feel like I'm being annoying. Ugh... I needa fall back, maybe its something I'm not getting.

Shucks if the guys doesn't want me to like him any more or talk to him he needs to just tell me so I can stop making a fool of myself.

Is that so wrong, to want someone to let you in? I mean even if it's something as simple as, my class was boring this morning at least its something.

Know what? I'm sleepy, I'm frustrated, and a little stressed from whats going on... I'm going to bed.

Wait, no I'm not. I'm gonna write on my wall until I calm down so that I can go to bed with a smile on my face.

Gonna get mad at me for want you to communicate negro please... its more to communication than saying "hi."

and I hate when I see this


What the hello _______ goodmorning does .............. mean?

Someone tell me please.

Suddenly, I feel better. Maybe I'll go to sleep now.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long Time, No Write

It's been forever since I posted something... life has just been so lifey. With so much going on I haven't had a chance to write much if anything unless I'm in class. But, I do have something I want to write about and I will most definitely be back to blogging on a regular basis because so much good has been happening that I have to share it with you all.

With that little bit being said I'm out, but will def be back soon.

Good day!