Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shout out Saturday on Sunday

Technically it's Sunday but it's my college homecoming and as a junior and the President of two organizations my Shoutout Saturday is being done now, on Sunday morning @ 5 a.m.

Enjoy this blog by a fellow blogger eyekandee05.. is it something everyone should read.

I can honestly say that it took a lot out of me to get up this morning and go to church. And no I’m not ashamed to say that because I’m real. The spirit of laziness was upon me so strongly…but the Holy Spirit was even stronger. I’m so glad that I made the DECISION to go, because the Word was just what I needed to hear. It would be selfish and unfulfilling of me not to share such a powerful message with you all…hope your spirit-man is edified with what you are about to read. Please feel free to share what you’ve learned (both good and bad) with others by leaving a comment.

“How long will you not decide between two choices?” (1Kings 18:21 NCV)

*A decision is an opportunity you have to determine your destiny

*Your life is the sum total of all your decisions: good, bad, or none.

*The longer you vacillate in a decision, the fewer your options and the weaker you become. Elijah said, “How long will you go LIMPING between two options?” (ESV)

* One GOOD decision can start you out of the mess of many BAD decisions.


1. A good decision is based on the wisdom of the scripture (2 Corin 6)
2. A good decision is based on the witness of the spirit. Trust in the Lord and lean not to our own understanding.
3. A good decision is neither hasty nor fearful. We are hasty when we don’t have all the facts and fearful when we will not take an action.
4. A good decision is based on your core values. When you know your core values (honesty, purity, frugality, etc.) then 95% of your decisions are already made.
5. A good decision is something that is based on your calling. What may be a good idea for others could be a very bad “fit” for your future. It is a known fact that we take heed to other people’s advice, but most times we need to listen to the Holy Spirit.


1. Anything based upon fear – fear brings haste
2. Anything based upon appearance- Eve and the fruit ~ we are awed by what we see, but it’s an illusion. We can tell appearance within the first few minutes, but not CHARACTER!
3. Anything based upon the short-term; you must be prepared to face the long term consequences
4. Anything based upon speculation; you must have a contingency plan. Saul says get rich quick schemes doesn’t provide lasting wealth.
5. Anything based upon emotion. Frustration, anger, depression will all bring bad decisions. (Joshua 7)…never cut down a tree in the winter, because you can’t decipher whether it is dead or alive, for the spring may bear fruit.


1. When my feelings or friendships get in the way of doing what is right
2. When my fear of making a wrong move paralyzes me until others end up making decisions for me.
3. When I don’t want the responsibility of leadership and prefer to be told what to do.
4. When I am over-confident that I have plenty of time to decide and procrastinate until my options are gone.
5. When I am filled with remorse and regret every time I make a decision for fear that I made the wrong one. It causes me to quickly change back and forth numerous times as each position makes me insecure. Make a decision and live with it.


1. Repent for bad decisions. They have brought no glory to God and came from your flesh rather than your spirit.
2. Check your core values with Scripture. Find out what God’s word says about your decision more than market values or previous relationships. Commit to the Word instead of emotions.
3. Write down risks and benefits to see which one out-weighs the other.
4. Trust the Lord within you. Your mind may be fooled, but your HEART is smart!
5. LET YOUR DECISION STAND! Most mistakes are made when we second guess ourselves. People cannot follow you if you keep changing your mind.

*** If you want to know where you will be in 5 years, look at the decisions you are making NOW!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh How I Miss That

I miss it.

The feeling of strong hands and tender lips. Mm, I miss that.

I want it more than ever, extremely deprived.

I don't know why, but my body which has been on a sexual hiatus for so long, is suddenly so thirsty for something so sweet and and strong.

There is nothing more intoxicating than the feel of a man's skin pressed against my skin.

The physical joining of two human beings is sexy yet sophisticated. When done right, it's classy and cute.

It provides a feeling so great that it cannot be replaced, mimicked, or even fantasized about in a way that would equal the feeling.

Oh how I miss the warmth of a man's body, a warmth that my blankets just can't provide.

Strong arms wrapped around me, fingers laced. This is what I yearn for.

Legs intertwined and lips pressed up against each other in a way so strong yet so soft.

The biting, the scratching, the pulling and pushing, the passion.


Oh how I miss that.

My body is thirsty for this passion, these feelings.

But oh there is so much more to these actions than the actions themselves, the emotions that drive these urges to participate in these actions, mm.

I want it, I need it.

Oh how I miss that.

*closes eyes and exhales*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The End of Fall Break

This Fall Break was one of, well a lot of surprises. Things I had planned to do I didn't do because other things were thrown in my face.

Sounds like an excuse doesn't it? But it's not, it's the truth. It seems as if God made it clear that me trying to make plans without his permission just isn't going to happen.

Of course I had fall break this past weekend, I had planned to truly enjoy it. I've been stressing about school, and life, and my mouth (I recently said some things that I shouldn't have said so soon). And of course, family and friends.

Worrying about myself just isn't an option.

I was suppose to be off, but I had duty Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I went home Friday just so that I could get some sleep. I haven't slept that good since school started.

Saturday I went to the football game, and wanted to go to Richmond but well, that didn't happen.

Sunday was a better day. I went to church and heard a good word, then I came back to campus, where sleep is a luxury and stress is an amenity.

Monday was good, Monday night was better. Tuesday was well, it was Tuesday.

I wanted to add to my restoration blog this weekend but work got in the way. I wanted to start my black lace blog, but well, life got in the way.

I wanted to do so much but life got in the way. I guess life getting in the way is better than no life at all.

I have so much I want to blog about but by the time I get to the computer at night I'm practically holding my eyelids open my hands.

So, I'm going to put an end to this terribly written blog and get some sleep because I have class in about 8 hours and I still haven't read a lick for this class.

Good night all, hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yeah, This is Just... Well Read It

To whomever is reading this, my name is Courtney, I am 21 years of age, a junior in college, African-American, and a college student that has once again changed her mind on what she wants to study.

I am now, and permanently, will be an English major with a double minor in secondary education and Spanish.

What I wanted to do all along. But my thirst to learn has taken me partially down many different educational paths.

But I have finally re-focused.

I lose focus quite a bit actually, in fact I hand wrote this blog during my Western Lit. class.

Wait, so would that make it a blog still, or a random though I scribbled down. My professor's lecture bores me. Well it doesn't bore me, I find the Odyssey quite interesting but the way he lectures makes this class well... BORING!

I just felt like writing, didn't know what about so I just pulled out my Spanish notebook and let this BIC pen flow.

There are people outside walking and talking, ooh and she can't walk in them shoes. Maybe her feet hurt. Been there, and ugh felt that *mentally rubs own feet*.

The cutie behind m is bothering me with his tapping. I wish he would stop. I'ma give him the "stop that look."

*gives the look*

He taps more than he was before. Why do guys

*turns the notebook over*

do that? After you tell them to stop they continue on in a more annoying way then stop/.

My professor just called on a girl and she didn't respond. But she's here in class, he just doesn't know her face or which of the 26 girls in here she is. She didn't do her homework apparently.

The class giggles at her for being stupid and not doing the oral assignment and his slowness for not knowing all of us this far into the school year.

No he's not blind. But he's lecturing right and without missing a beat tells the same girl... "Uh miss, I can't remember your name but please put your cell phone away."

WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really though, really?

Okay back to Courtney, but admit it, that's some serious malarchy.

I'm starving, haven't eaten since 7 a.m. and it's not 1:34. But for good reason though. I went to the career fair.

Ooh this handwriting is messy today. Smh at myself, I know I have great penmanship.

I never really knew what I wanted out of life when people would ask me what I wanted. But when I think about it on my own time, I do know. For the most part.

I'm going to make a goal board.

Gosh I'm hungry. The cafe is right across the street from but I'm going to C-Store it up.

Who am I? I'm asking you because I don't know. I know bits and pieces of me but not all of me. There are parts of my mind, body, heart, and soul that I have tapped into but haven't gotten to know yet.

Whoa this just got heavy for a second. Let me lighten the load.

I wish I had someone to cuddle with. I hate sleeping alone.

*turns to a fresh new page in the Spanish notebook*

The weather is nice today. Class is over so I need to stop writing , but my pen keeps moving.

I have a Spanish midterm @ 2 so I gotta break but I will continue letting my Bic right immediately after.

Maybe I'll finish it in Spanish... Think Pink.

It is now 9:17 and it's easy to see that after that Spanish midterm I did no writing at all.

My day really picked up after that midterm. I had a Spanish club meeting

#np- the truth- India Arie... i truly love this song, I love everything by her honestly.

then I had a yearbook training session, and dinner, and now here I am.

All of these extracurricular activities. I still can't believe I hold to presidential seats in organizations on this campus.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Room 2**

I went to room 2** to get a fork, but I stayed a little longer than anticipated because well, I wanted to.

I wasn't expecting to see my home-girl up there but there she was, and that was cool because I don't ever see her. We laughed at the true to life co-signer that was in the room.

I mean he co-signed to everything someone said. Smh, he kind of reminded me of the guy from Pootie Tang that repeats what everyone else has to say.

Anyway, what made this trip to the second floor so funny was that the first thing I heard when I walked in was, "You Mrs. Peggy daughter, for real?"

Too funny because I didn't even know that guy. I tried to lie about it and say no but it wasn't working, I blame the football player.

This lead to the usual questions of... "So you get all kinds of special privileges and stuff don't you?" and, "You got all the pull on campus huh?" And the ever famous, "I bet you get away with everything!"

It's true, I do, but who cares. Okay, I'm not gonna lie, the privileges of having this last name and being her daughter are some that I reap on a daily basis.

But shhhhh! it's a secret.

But oh yeah, the guys of 2**, they're funny. Pretty chill. They have this friend, I don't like his name, and if I put real names in the blog you probably wouldn't like it either.

It just doesn't fit him. His middle name yes, his first name, uh uh no way jose. Don't like it. He was easy to pick on, he said he wasn't getting mad for real but, I think he was.

He said stop that like a gazillion times, like I was really going to, smh. And yes, he was the co-signer, I should start calling him Trucky.

Umm who's next, the football player, I known him for a little while. He's a chill dude. He taught us how to cheat on a test, but I can't share that with y'all. Be letting the cat out of the bag. Oh yeah he's the one with the forks lol.

His name fits him. No nickname necessary, well not from me anyway. Come to think of it... does he have one? They might of said it but I can't remember.

And the other guy, his name is alright, but I like his nickname better. He seems pretty cool. I pretty much took over his bed and he was okay with it. It's not like he was using it at the time. He was on the computer.

I like to be comfortable. So I climbed in. Once he said something about the blanket it was a wrap. I would of grabbed the pillow but I didn't know if he was a drooler or not.

Next time I'll ask. Oh but he is a Cowboys fan. Y'all know I love my Cowboys.

Anyways, all of these nicknames floating around and they thought it necessary to give me one >>> Lil D or was it Lil Davis??? I can't remember but I'm sure I'll hear it again.

Room 2** is pretty chill. After watching a few episodes of my wife and kids and watching a Wendy's bag get thrown around the room I believe I will be going back. Don't know when, but I will...

Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Strangers and Sex

Wednesday night was something like a funny night. I spent hours in J.D. and D.M. room, along with Fae. It's funny because the sole purpose of going up there was pizza.

A little background, the 2 guys, well I speak to J.D. on a regular basis but I don't know him all that well. I know little stuff like his first and last name (maybe because we have the same last name lol), and that he's an agriculture major.

D.M. I just met Wednesday night. I still don't know him that well but he's chill, according to the two other people in the room the faces he was making were priceless. (I only caught two of them).

And Fae, the virgin (that will matter more in a minute). She's cool, I don't like to many females but she's alright. I don't really know to much about her but after one of our talks, she is a little boy crazy (see the random thoughts and emotions blog, she's the one I referred to). She just lost her dad, so I pray for her more than I used to.

But moving along, none of us know more than the particulars about one another. I was just up there fr pizza, and Iron Man 2. But in the midst of Iron Man 2, a sexual comment was made and then began the overflow.

At around 12ish the room started talking about sex... and at around 4ish, the conversation ended.

What is funny about this is that naturally, the V-card holder asked the most questions. Such as:

-How does it feel when you're getting ready to... you know climax.
J.D.- It's the best feeling in the world; D.M.- It's like all your energy from everywhere goes right *points* there; and me well, I made a sound.

-Sex seems so overrated.
J.D. says what and D.M. and I both agree that if someone is having bad sex, they'll think sex is overrated.

-Is the whole experience different for guys and for girls.
We all said yeah, duh! girls like the passion, guys just wants the nut.

Questions like that brought up statements. Like the faces guys make when they climax... too funny.

I asked why girls always have to get completely naked first, or be the only one to be completely naked?

I got no answer, but I still want one. Someone should answer that for me. Facebook or twitter question I suppose.

For hours all we did was talk about sex.

They laughed at me for feeling myself up.

Yeah, I caress my chi-chis, don't know why, it's just natural. It's so normal, most of the time I do it without thinking.

Fae asked D.M. if he was straight, only because of the way he laid in the bed. WEIRD!!

She asked me something but I couldn't remember. For a virgin she really liked the sex dice, she and J.D. are both freaks on the low and will probably do it before the year is out.

We all, well except for the virgin, shared some pretty intimate sexual details.

D.M. said something about sex being naturally good for you... I can't remember but when I do, I'll post it.

It's funny what for strangers will talk about. It was fun though, we're all going to do it again real soon.

Maybe this time I'll get J.D. and Fae to get in bed together, because the other night I got close, but no cigar.