Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Remarks of 2010

This year has been one of... well it's just been one of those years. Things have been great, and things have been terrible. But, I'm not complaining, because they could have been a lot worse.

I am so grateful for everything that I had to endure this year, the good and the bad. And as much of a cliche that is I truly mean it.

I have been blessed enough to spend more time with my family from back home more than ever in this year.

I lost an aunt, but gained 2 new baby cousins, both boys and both very healthy. My family members, who never came around before are spending the new year with us and although I was skeptical at first I'm glad they're here.

After tonight, my facebook deleting spree will be over and I will have left everything about 2010 right here in this post.

The beginning of this year started off rocky but got better, and even took a turn for EXCELLENT! But all good things must come to an end and they did.

My level of mental toughness increased as well as my faith in God.

I went through something this year that rocked my world, and ultimately sparked my rebuilding process in which I am about to undergo, well have been undergoing.

My surgery went very well and I'm now at home spending time with family. I knew I wouldn't be in long but still, it felt good to be able to eat some real food.

Hospital food needs to be rethought. It's disgusting!!! I already made a complaint and it better be taken into consideration in the future lol.

I'm clearing my life of the last little bit of clutter left over from my first transformation.

I've lost friends and gained some very important ones. One in particular who I cannot wait to see once break is over.

I took control over my heart again and even made it known! I'm proud of myself and can't wait to see what the new year has in store for me.

NO New Year's resolutions just hard core declarations.

Happy New Year y'all!!!! See ya in 2011 smooches!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My December 17, 2010 Resolution

My resolution for the beginning of my "new life" as I am calling it consists of the follows:

I am going to get my car completely fixed... or get a new one.

I am going to get a better paying job.

I am changing my image (physically). I'm trying to do big things in big places where my sneakers and comfy sweats are not allowed.

I am going to become more financially independent.

I am going to start back writing everyday.

I am going to pray more.

I am going to find a place of my own... because before I graduate I want to have moved completely out of her house.

I will be a better friend.

I will be a better girlfriend, if applicable lol.

AND most importantly... I WILL TREAT MYSELF MORE TO LIFE!!!!

Fall 2010

The semester is now officially over. I got my grades. Unfortunately my G.P.A is a little lower because of that wretched C I got... my beautiful 3.5 gone and desecrated only to become a 3.4. So disappointed.

Other than that the semester was fantastic. I accomplished a great deal and even assumed some fantastic SGA positions across campus.

Classes were okay. Don't get me wrong I love school but the overshadowing affect life had me this semester made classes nothing more than another task on my list of things to do.

I enjoyed my residents and am sad that I will be leaving them for the remainder of the school year but, hey things happen and life goes on. Hopefully I will return to them in the Fall. I'll seriously miss them.

Friendships were made and some were ended but it's all good. I gave people some insight into my inner young woman and wow... it got quite the response and prompted my heart with the go ahead to what I'm about to do next.

I have to admit, I did get the urge to run from the things that were trying to drag me down. I applied to TSU, and got in. I even had decided to go. But after talking to my grandma the decision was reversed. But I still plan on taking the 6 suitcases and 4 boxes of clothes home to Texas just in case I change my mind again.

I'm finding myself at a crossroad but starting to walk in the direction in which I want to go.

With all of these changes I'm making in the coming months I hope to see an improvement in myself. In my dedication towards ME. My image is one that is being renewed... so long 2010, hello life after.