Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh How I Miss That

I miss it.

The feeling of strong hands and tender lips. Mm, I miss that.

I want it more than ever, extremely deprived.

I don't know why, but my body which has been on a sexual hiatus for so long, is suddenly so thirsty for something so sweet and and strong.

There is nothing more intoxicating than the feel of a man's skin pressed against my skin.

The physical joining of two human beings is sexy yet sophisticated. When done right, it's classy and cute.

It provides a feeling so great that it cannot be replaced, mimicked, or even fantasized about in a way that would equal the feeling.

Oh how I miss the warmth of a man's body, a warmth that my blankets just can't provide.

Strong arms wrapped around me, fingers laced. This is what I yearn for.

Legs intertwined and lips pressed up against each other in a way so strong yet so soft.

The biting, the scratching, the pulling and pushing, the passion.


Oh how I miss that.

My body is thirsty for this passion, these feelings.

But oh there is so much more to these actions than the actions themselves, the emotions that drive these urges to participate in these actions, mm.

I want it, I need it.

Oh how I miss that.

*closes eyes and exhales*


Daisy said...

Great post!

I know how it feels to long for something, especially something real. It's not enough to have a man around... it needs to be right and it needs to feel right.

I definitely miss that!

25champ said...

I loved it.Yearning is the best feeling when wit the rt's that unresolved emotion that leads 2 the best sex. Check me out when you can

Anonymous said...

You miss that and I feel that!

Very well written. Captures so much of my feelings right now. Oh and you've been blogrolled under the Bloggers United.

Don said...

Intoxicating read.

Some lucky man has something good in store for him.

@daisy: agreed... @ it needs to be right and it needs to feel right.