Saturday, October 2, 2010

Room 2**

I went to room 2** to get a fork, but I stayed a little longer than anticipated because well, I wanted to.

I wasn't expecting to see my home-girl up there but there she was, and that was cool because I don't ever see her. We laughed at the true to life co-signer that was in the room.

I mean he co-signed to everything someone said. Smh, he kind of reminded me of the guy from Pootie Tang that repeats what everyone else has to say.

Anyway, what made this trip to the second floor so funny was that the first thing I heard when I walked in was, "You Mrs. Peggy daughter, for real?"

Too funny because I didn't even know that guy. I tried to lie about it and say no but it wasn't working, I blame the football player.

This lead to the usual questions of... "So you get all kinds of special privileges and stuff don't you?" and, "You got all the pull on campus huh?" And the ever famous, "I bet you get away with everything!"

It's true, I do, but who cares. Okay, I'm not gonna lie, the privileges of having this last name and being her daughter are some that I reap on a daily basis.

But shhhhh! it's a secret.

But oh yeah, the guys of 2**, they're funny. Pretty chill. They have this friend, I don't like his name, and if I put real names in the blog you probably wouldn't like it either.

It just doesn't fit him. His middle name yes, his first name, uh uh no way jose. Don't like it. He was easy to pick on, he said he wasn't getting mad for real but, I think he was.

He said stop that like a gazillion times, like I was really going to, smh. And yes, he was the co-signer, I should start calling him Trucky.

Umm who's next, the football player, I known him for a little while. He's a chill dude. He taught us how to cheat on a test, but I can't share that with y'all. Be letting the cat out of the bag. Oh yeah he's the one with the forks lol.

His name fits him. No nickname necessary, well not from me anyway. Come to think of it... does he have one? They might of said it but I can't remember.

And the other guy, his name is alright, but I like his nickname better. He seems pretty cool. I pretty much took over his bed and he was okay with it. It's not like he was using it at the time. He was on the computer.

I like to be comfortable. So I climbed in. Once he said something about the blanket it was a wrap. I would of grabbed the pillow but I didn't know if he was a drooler or not.

Next time I'll ask. Oh but he is a Cowboys fan. Y'all know I love my Cowboys.

Anyways, all of these nicknames floating around and they thought it necessary to give me one >>> Lil D or was it Lil Davis??? I can't remember but I'm sure I'll hear it again.

Room 2** is pretty chill. After watching a few episodes of my wife and kids and watching a Wendy's bag get thrown around the room I believe I will be going back. Don't know when, but I will...


Don said...

Sounds like some thangs be taking place in Room 2**. Lol.

You might get away with everything but I doubt if you will be able to get away with being a Cowboy fan come Thanksgiving Day. #whodat

missextraordinary said...

Lol... nothing major, just kickin' it lol.

And ummm I will be a proud Cowboy fan of Turkey Day!

Don said...

Make sure that you are on Twitter during the football game. Lol.

missextraordinary said...

Oh I will be, don't you worry.