Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Strangers and Sex

Wednesday night was something like a funny night. I spent hours in J.D. and D.M. room, along with Fae. It's funny because the sole purpose of going up there was pizza.

A little background, the 2 guys, well I speak to J.D. on a regular basis but I don't know him all that well. I know little stuff like his first and last name (maybe because we have the same last name lol), and that he's an agriculture major.

D.M. I just met Wednesday night. I still don't know him that well but he's chill, according to the two other people in the room the faces he was making were priceless. (I only caught two of them).

And Fae, the virgin (that will matter more in a minute). She's cool, I don't like to many females but she's alright. I don't really know to much about her but after one of our talks, she is a little boy crazy (see the random thoughts and emotions blog, she's the one I referred to). She just lost her dad, so I pray for her more than I used to.

But moving along, none of us know more than the particulars about one another. I was just up there fr pizza, and Iron Man 2. But in the midst of Iron Man 2, a sexual comment was made and then began the overflow.

At around 12ish the room started talking about sex... and at around 4ish, the conversation ended.

What is funny about this is that naturally, the V-card holder asked the most questions. Such as:

-How does it feel when you're getting ready to... you know climax.
J.D.- It's the best feeling in the world; D.M.- It's like all your energy from everywhere goes right *points* there; and me well, I made a sound.

-Sex seems so overrated.
J.D. says what and D.M. and I both agree that if someone is having bad sex, they'll think sex is overrated.

-Is the whole experience different for guys and for girls.
We all said yeah, duh! girls like the passion, guys just wants the nut.

Questions like that brought up statements. Like the faces guys make when they climax... too funny.

I asked why girls always have to get completely naked first, or be the only one to be completely naked?

I got no answer, but I still want one. Someone should answer that for me. Facebook or twitter question I suppose.

For hours all we did was talk about sex.

They laughed at me for feeling myself up.

Yeah, I caress my chi-chis, don't know why, it's just natural. It's so normal, most of the time I do it without thinking.

Fae asked D.M. if he was straight, only because of the way he laid in the bed. WEIRD!!

She asked me something but I couldn't remember. For a virgin she really liked the sex dice, she and J.D. are both freaks on the low and will probably do it before the year is out.

We all, well except for the virgin, shared some pretty intimate sexual details.

D.M. said something about sex being naturally good for you... I can't remember but when I do, I'll post it.

It's funny what for strangers will talk about. It was fun though, we're all going to do it again real soon.

Maybe this time I'll get J.D. and Fae to get in bed together, because the other night I got close, but no cigar.


Don said...

Good question. One that I wish that I could answer correctly. For myself, the woman getting undressed first is because I either undress her or undress her partially. It's just sexy to me and had always been the case.

Virgins are about to explode. That could answer why your female friend was so curious. Lol.

missextraordinary said...

I'm glad I got an answer for my question because I've always wanted to know.

And that could be the case with her, hmmm.