Sunday, September 26, 2010


Due to the fact that I don't want to go to bed yet, and am not sleepy I just spent the last 2 hours in the pool room, not shooting pool. Just talking.

MJR, the guys I was cooling with, are actually pretty cool. R I kick it with in the pool room every now and then. I like him, he's a sweet guy that I'm hoping will get what he wants. He didn't talk much at first but he came around.

J, I actually just really learned him tonight. He's cool, I kinda sorta like him too, don't really know him that well but he seems chill. He says some funny stuff.

And M, he's not even a Quad resident but he's always here. Funny, I like him too. He's oddly funny. He's the guy in the movie that tries to be funny but isn't, so it's funny.

I like them all, pretty cool people, each one verbally expressed their that they wanted some p****. So nasty, but new friends regardless lol.

Anyway, MJR taught me a few things tonight. Like acronyms, things that make sense but make no sense at all.

For example, DTF girls. Now, I'm not too slow but I wasn't really sure what this meant. I guessed it right though, Down To F***. I know, it's funny isn't it. Or WTF, no not what the f*** but Worth The F***. I actually like that one.

They talked about sex, they were all horny little toads. Funny thing is, none of them wanted what they saw, the girls were too drunk for them or they didn't feel like going outside to approach them. Guys.

I even learned J's name, which I didn't know before tonight.

We shared some funny stories, laughed at people's slowness, and imitations of Kevin Hart, I need to see that movie.

I'm going to do a program on how woman should learn to not be so difficult now. My idea that R said I should really do. Hmmmm thinking, thinking.

What else... oh they wanted to smash drunk girls with low self-esteem. R even petted the air. That was too funny.

J tried to force R to take some keys that clearly didn't belong to him, hilarious, you had to be there.

Tonight was pretty chill, hilarious actually. Random funny stuff, just how I like my funny.

I learned some things about them that I will keep in mind when I see them. It's funny what you can gather about people when you all have a relaxed conversation and random laughter.

The guys were funny, made my night for real. Now off to bed, I got church in the morning, well in about 6 1/2 hours.

I do have some serious thoughts running through my mind, but I will definitely blog about them later. I got a funny buzz and I'm not tryna kill it.


Don said...

Sounds like you just experience the mandatory awakening of the two sexes. I had never heard of "WTF" (that definition) before now. I guess we called it something different in my younger years.

Some things never change, it appears. Lol.

missextraordinary said...

Haha, maybe that's it. And don't feel left out because before then I never knew WTF meant anything more then what the F***.