Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Semester

This semester, despite my recent "revelation" I am really planning a massive takeover. Something so huge that the only person on the whole campus that can stop me, if possible, would be the president.

First things first, I'm running for SGA Chief of staff in the Spring. I am entering the Mr. and Miss Quad pageant. Don't have a mister for that but I could run a country by myself.

Oh yeah, I'm planning another fashion show, it'll be at Bland again but it's going to be bigger than the first. I want to really make a difference with the money we raise.

I'm having this basketball bash of a tournament in March. It's gonna be HUGE!!!!!

I might run for Miss VSU, don't really know yet. Might just settle and run for Miss Senior.

I know, all this girlie stuff. What else...

Oh yeah... I'm going to start a Youtube channel. VSU Diaries. I want it to be good though. I don't want it to be something crazy and raunchy and trashy.

I want it to be real. It'll definitely have something to do with me but at the same time it'll be about State.

My life here at school in a way. Finally, my own reality show lmao.

Special, I know.

But the biggest thing for me, I'm planning on inquiring about maybe doing an advice column. You know, something like an Ask Amy type of deal.

Who knows?

But I'm excited. I'm going to do a lot more too. Try and join BBS and everything. Can't wait!!!!!

Things are looking up... they always do I just don't see it right off the back.

Buenos noches!

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