Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Thoughts and Emotions

I miss him, seriously... didn't think I'd miss him this much, but I do.

I can't stand how overly dramatic she is... it disgusts me every time.

The guy sitting next to me right now is kind of cute but I heard he's bad news so he just became extremely unattractive.

I miss my grandpa.

I made a new friend, he's mad cool.

I made a new female friend, she's a little boy crazy, but cool nonetheless.

I never really wanted to play sports at this school, I did it because sports has always been a part of me and I didn't know how to let it go.

People have been calling me Madame President all day, elections are tomorrow and I got a good feeling I'm taking it home lol.

The boy at the computer station across from me keeps making eye contact with me, he's cute but he's staring!!!! WEIRD!!!!

The loud rude ass people that just walked into the library lab are exactly why I'm making this next statement.

I hate rude college students. I would love to right hook them all and demand that they show respect to these professors and these faculty/staff members.

The bad boy next to me keeps staring at my screen... HE SHOULD STOP!!!! NOSY ASS!!!!

I have a presentation tomorrow I am so not ready for.

I miss some of the friends I had in high school, the ones that I was actually cool with the entire four years (there were only two like that).

I miss PT Thompson, even though we had major problems.

I miss my baby Shaivonne... she's in daycare now so I never see her like I use to.

Did I mention I miss my friend.

Gotta get my car fixed, or get a new one, so I can get up there and see him.

Okay... I'm about to call it a emotional dishing night. Later.


JSin said...

I REALLY like this post. It's simple but it's so raw and pure. Nothing like reading of the script that is our thoughts.

They angry, funny, irritated, enjoyable...you name it they are so varied and that is what makes each of us so interesting.

I'm diggin the random thoughts and emotions post!

missextraordinary said...

Thanks... just felt like releasing.