Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Feng Shui

I hadn't slept well in a while until last night. I don't what it was, there were so many made observations as to why I wasn't sleeping but nothing definite.

Bad television usually makes me fall asleep but lately it hadn't been bad at all. So, I've been awake, mostly on Facebook and doing homework. Some nights I would read just so I could pass the night by a bit faster.

But last night, a new friend of mine said that my feng shui was off. Show, I did a little feng shui-ing and talked to him for a little while longer. It was actually a funny conversation.

Anyways, after some feng shui-ing and a little more talking I decided to go to sleep, and guess what????? I SLEPT GREAT!!! ALL NIGHT!!!! In fact, I almost overslept, which I haven't done since freshmen year.

So #shoutout to my homie Cory for the feng shui-ing idea!!!


JSin said...

There is nothing like getting a good nights rest. Glad to hear you were finally able to get some.

I like your blog. Feel free to swing by and check mine out. Thanks.

missextraordinary said...

Thanks, and I will definitely be reading your blog now as well.