Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trading In My Sneaks for Pumps????

In my closet sit a fresh pair of Nike game shoes. Next to them sits a pair of black stiletto pumps.

What to choose what to choose?

This decision makes me question if I even know who I am anymore. A few years ago I would have never even contemplated this decision. And now I'm thinking about it more and and more.

It's crazy how you change when you're surroundings do.

I questioned whether or not I was trying to fit in but I'm not. There is just so much else I want to do.

I skipped practice today. I was in the library studying. One thing about college more important to me than ball is my grades.

I realize every blog I get a little sidetracked. Sorry... yeah then again not sorry my mind is random deal with it.

I just lost it right here in the library. Girl asked me if I was okay and if she needed to call someone for me.

It is time for me to go. But I will def finish this up later in another blog. Can't focus anymore. Night


Don said...

Nothing like a good random post that ends abruptly. Lol.

missextraordinary said...

Lol... I was really having a bad day and that random post completely represents how confused I was.

It does read funny though now that I look at it.