Thursday, September 2, 2010

So In Need

Okay hormonally I'm back I guess you can say. I am in such need of some good thang thang right now it's ridiculous. I mean really, my sexual organs are craving for some attention.

I have no idea why, nothing has changed. Well except school has started and I'm surrounded by some pretty fly brothers. And that's all well and good. Looking never hurt anyone but, none of them are what I like.

Cute yeah, but... mentally these little boys are so not what I crave.

I'm trying to continue on in my quest to be abstinent. That's right, I still haven't had any. You know, that could be the reason for this sudden burst of horny-ness (<-- definitely not a word) this urge of wanting it so badly.

I have to admit though that I kind of miss that feeling of a strong hand gripping my back, ooh and sweet kisses.

But I can't give in to temptation, especially not here on this campus where more students have sex more than they go to class.

But it's college who cares right? I do. There are entirely to many cases of God knows what going around and there are entirely too many guys with big mouths out here.

I could catch something and the word would get out that Mrs. Peggy's daughter is a freak as my friend so eloquently put it.

So there it is, my motivation to stay this way. In this conflicting situation. Oh but my time will come once again and I will be mad at myself for giving in yet satisfied.

But until that time comes I'm just going to fight these urges and handle these withdrawals like a true soldier.

Now would be a good time for me to drown myself in responsibility.

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