Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If I quit playing ball will that part of me die along with it. I just have this notion that if I stop balling I'll lose it.

Well lemme clear this up, I'll still ball every now and then. There is no way I can just give it up cold turkey.

I just feel as if now is the time for me to do whatever I'm feeling and I'm not feeling ball right now.

My friend said it's me maturing. He could be on to something, I even dress like a girl now, everyday seems like.

My brother said it's me finding the rest of me. That I've only channeled the athletic side of me and that the feminine side is pushing through.

Who knows? The hardest thing about this though, is telling coach I'm not going to play. Ah boy.

Seems like I been running in circles, trying to find my way and the path I'm taking is so different from the one I had envisioned myself taking.

On a side note, I really got to stop this crying so yeah... over that punk ish.

Brighter day- Kirk Franklin

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