Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Perfect Valentines Day

*Thinking... thinking... thinking...*

Valentines is a cute little holiday, when you're 10 and in elementary school. But at 21, it doesn't really seem all that appealing.

I've been pondering on this same thought all day and a for a few moments in the previous day.

Valentines day is not for me... I mean what was I thinking.

Don't get it twisted... I loved the gifts I've gotten. The flowers, candy, jewelry, and stuffed animals were all very sweet but...

Eventually, my flowers will doe, everyone else will eat my candy, my stuffed animal will end up in my kid sisters room and the jewelry, well it all went... away.

The one thing I've always wanted for v-day is nowhere near the holiday shopping isle in wal-mart where all the little cute v-day candies are. And it is not at the florists, or the jeweler's.

In my eyes, and in my own little world, the perfect "valentines day date and gift" would be some quality time.

It's all I've ever wanted and quite frankly... it's probably all I'll ever want because I can buy my own candy and jewelry, I make flower pens so I always have some flowers nearby, and the stuffed animals I can win at a theme park or carnival.

*Daydreaming... daydreaming... daydreaming... smile... big smile*

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