Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shout Out Thursday!

Even thought the Shout Out Saturday movement I was a part of came to an abrupt end I must shout out this blogger that truly writes some good things.

Y'all check this out:

This is a re-post. I didn't have any followers at the time and this is one of my favorite poems . I would love to hear what you think of it. My life has changed dramatically since I wrote this.

Looking In the mirror
reflecting on the past.
How I often wondered,
how it went so fast.
The opportunities I've squandered.
The blessings I've missed,
while living my life in total ignorance.
Not really understanding how to remain optimistic.
I abandoned my morals and ignored my religion.
But God cast a storm that influenced my decision.
Before you knew it I was at his submission.
He held me tight. Then let me go.
Then whispered to me: "Fear no more".
I got up and knew: right away,
that today was the beginning
of the rest of my days.
With renewed faith
and a sense of purpose
I was able to recover
what almost perished.
Now I stand here
Looking in the mirror
admiring my self
Reflection that is.

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25champ said...

Thankyou! :) I appreciate the support