Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twitter Life

So, everyone has pretty much fell prey to the world of Twitter and anyone who has a twitter has to admit it, they kinda love it. Twitter is a chance to be open with the entire world.

Unlike Facebook, where many watch what they say due to family members being on their page, Twitter is no holds bar.

It's reckless and I love it!!!!

I urge anyone having a bad day to twatch whats going on on Twitter, I guarantee someone you follow, or someone that follows you will brighten your day a little. How??? Because people say some funny stuff on twitter.

FOr instance, the entire twitter nation seemed to be watching WWE Monday night and then the entire twitter nation tweeted his funniest comment ever...

"Go eat ya fruity pebbles you yabbadabbabitch!!!" HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

See, now isn't that funny... imagine being upset and seeing that on Twitter... instant laughter.

Omg! I have to admit, I'm a little addicted to Twitter... sometimes I just feel like sharing things with the world... okay quite often... yeah I feel like sharing most things with the Twitter world.

But it is what it is... #Teamfollowback --------> @UcAnKiSsMyBiBle

1 comment:

25champ said...

Twitter is hilarious I try to be a positive influence, but sometimes u just have 2 add some humor...i don't think I quite addicted though I cld just b n denial smh lls