Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All About Brittnee

Sooooo, this is Brittnee. She's my twin. No one had really met her before this past weekend but I figured it was high time she showed herself.

And oh boy did she show her behind! That girl is wild. Drinking and acting silly. She was even a little rude at one point but I can't fault her for that.

CIAA weekend was something like a lot of fun. Didn't see a lot of games which I regret because in all honesty thats why I go forreal. I love basketball. But I did have quite a bit of fun.

Everything was chill til my cousin and I got into it. And well needless to say we really let people see just what we go thru with this family.

After an emotional breakdown people showed me just how much they had my back. My aunt told me anytime I need to come home I call her and she will send for me.

Knowing that makes me wanna cry right now because I thought after leaving the way I did they wouldn't let me come home. I'm glad I can because I'm going home for a visit soon just to get away from VA. I need it.

Being able to go home will help me to continually keep my sanity. Anyways, after that... Brittnee went and showed out.

Shout-out to whomever money she spent on those drinks at bar 10. Thats a bad chick make a man spend his money and not give him any play once she goes to bed.

A mess... but she was all over the place. Enjoying the nightlife and still maintaining her trait of being a respectable woman.

Brittnee is a trip but Courtney is back in VA now and reality has set in.

Back to smiling baby... oh yeah.


25champ said...

sounds like alot of fun ;)

missextraordinary said...

yeah it was... it's my first road trip of every year. I encourage people to go.