Friday, March 11, 2011

No Sex til Marriage???

I've made a promise to myself, one that right now is a little unstable in it's explanation and process.

I've decided to give up on sex. Not that I don't want to have sex but, I want more than that. I'm over the whole "baby let's get busy, no strings attached sex."

And I'm completely over the "you're my girlfriend, I"m your boyfriend let's have sex and not have a relationship type sex."

I'm tired of that. I want a real relationship. One that includes affection and intimacy not just sex, for as far as I'm concerned intimacy is no longer sex.

Sex is sex all by itself.

So, until I feel some TRUE affection (had to clarify that true part) I'm not having sex. And since from what I've heard, learned and seen, I won't be having sex until I get married.

I know I come from a generation of sex first talk later but, I don't want that. And I may be old in spirit in what I want but hey, it's what I want. And as selfish as this may be... I WANT WHAT I WANT AND I'M NOT GONNA BE SATISFIED TIL I GET IT!!!!!!

Til then, no sex til marriage? or maybe til I find what I want. hmmmm only time will tell, even then, after not having sex for so long will I want. hmmmm

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25champ said...

Good 4 u...I can dig it ;) some ish just gets old...time 2 try rt approach chck me out