Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Weeks

Spring break is over, and honestly I'm kind of happy that it is. I'm ready to get this semester over with. Don't get me wrong, I still love school, but for some reason I'm really, really looking forward to this summer vacation.

School will be over in six weeks though and the thought of it coming to such a fast end has me wanting to be extremely focused.

I'm about to take a big step in my life as far as ME is concerned. It's something I've toyed with for a while but I'm finally committing myself back to this. I'm excited, I feel like this time I'm going to stick with it too.

So, tomorrow begins my official 100 days of change. I''m so excited about this. It's a chance for me to better myself mentally and physically. And to really revamp myself altogether.

As with all things, when starting something new the hardest thing is the first day and in this case, the first week.

With that being said the smartest thing for me to do this week is not let myself get distracted.

With that being said, I'ma cool it with the tweeting and the faebooking. I'ma really have to cool it on the music for that's all I do at work, and I'ma have to avoid kicking it with my friends after classes, at least for this week only.

I have to make sure I can incorporate these changes in my life so that it all works together in a sense.

But i'm excited and willing to be disciplined enough to make sure I stay the course. Once I know I can do it, and am in a set rhythm I'll be back at it, living life with a few added activities and such.

So, after tonight, the blogging MIGHT become scarce again but that's something I'm really trying to avoid.

Guess we'll see how things go.

The process of revamping begins tomorrow morning @ 4:45 a.m. so I will definitely be giving myself the dreaded bedtime lol.

Welp, back to basketball and books. I got a big day and an even bigger week ahead of me. Wish me luck!

*crosses fingers*

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