Friday, June 18, 2010

Tough For Me

So, this entire week has been, blah!!! I'm so glad it's over, I just wanna sit up in my room and breath forreal. It's like life suffocated me this week.

Anyway, I have been faced with most would deem as a very small and minor decision. For me, however, it is one of the toughest decisions I will ever have to make in my college career.

My passion, what I live for, what I bust my butt in the gym for, has been compromised. I was to be playing volleyball, basketball & softball. While dabbling in bowling during the spring and track during the fall.

Today, my volleyball and basketball coaches told me that I would have to give up a sport. SO without question I dropped bowling. They said, that wasn't what they meant. According to them, I would not survive playing the volleyball and basketball.

The seasons overlap, while volleyball is still in season, basketball pre-season begins. So, I gotta choose between the two. And I don't want to. I would drop every other sport and even a job just so I could play both. But that won't cut it.

People keep telling me I'm in over my head, but I know my limits and I know that I'm not. It's like the world is trying to hold me back. Ugh! I just wanna play the sports I wanna play and live my life.

This decision is one that will require me to do some heavy thinking... ah boy, here goes...

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