Sunday, June 20, 2010

Extremely Random Confessions and Questions Pt. 2

I would rather be barefoot than wear shoes.

The most comfortable place to take a nap is somewhere you wouldn't normally, like in an armchair.

I don't give head, and I could careless if niggas don't like it.

The one things that still turns me on is the possibility of getting caught... smh

I went to anger management and did nothing but got angrier until I finished the class. hmmmm

I really cry when an extremely good relationship or friendship might be coming to an end.

I mean what I say and say what I mean.

It use to be that I couldn't handle fat jokes until I was comfortable with myself

I'm thinking about starting a third blog and putting my diary entries in it verbatim (Dis. Act)

I tried that once but I was worried about what people would think

When people say it's all good is it really all good?

I am so self-conscious about myself in the bedroom

I laugh when I'm uncomfortable & when people are fussing at me, idk why though

I hate because I don't have a relationship with my parents like some do... a good one

I would truly give a man my heart, if I knew it would be worth it.

Been hurt to many times to jump into anything

I am guilty of ruining possible relationships b/c I'm scared of them...

Well the possibly getting hurt part

My family is big because of infidelities.

Okay, getting a lil to emotional lol, ummm something

I smile at the oddest things when I'm around you, or talking to you

I fell off the bus my junior year in high school LOL

I have very little upper body strength, but my right hook is crazy

I walk into the same glass door at least once a week b/c I'm always rushing

I'm addicted to freeze pops

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