Friday, June 18, 2010

We Are Not Hopeless

There was a debate that happened within my classroom that has had me thinking since it ended and that was Thursday afternoon.

Our informal discussion was based on whether we felt as if Black America was slowly falling back down into a "deep depression" as my prof. called it, or were we still rising up and proving that we are a people of great pride and courage.

In my opinion, I feel like even though there are a few who are still trying to drag us into the ground we are going to okay. Even greater than we are now. We have so much potential as a people that it gives me a rush.

My prof. feels as if we may be a bit hopeless. But I know she's wrong. I refuse to believe that we are hopeless, as long as we continue to educate ourselves and others about who we are then we'll be okay.

Which leads me into this...

We discussed whether or not we fell African American lit. will continue to be a protest literature.

Ummm yeah!

If African American authors and ghost writers continue to tell the stories of our history then the protests will ring out like alarms.

We are what this country is built on. This is our land so to speak. Without us half of the things people use everyday would be nonexistent.

The things our ancestors suffered through they went through not knowing what was to come. They struggled in hopes of having nothing but hope.

That should be enough to inspire the masses. But, my prof. doesn't think so. She feels as if we are a hopeless people. That even though many are striving for better, they'll never make it.

But she is wrong, and I plan to prove it to her. I just wish she would open her eyes and see what a lot of people see.

That we are a VITAL part of history and our story should be told until the end of time.


Don said...

It almost sounds as if your professor has gone the route of playing mind games, apparently in an effort to subconsciously inspire and aspire everyone to become conscious and remain motivated. It really does appear this is the case. Of course our people are not hopeless. We as an entire race definitely won't get there. But our race, period, have already gotten there and will continue to fill the space.

Damn. Your professor even has me HOT. hahaha.

missextraordinary said...

It seems that way doesn't it? And to be quite honest if that is the case then it is working, I've always wanted to do great things but this pushes me a little more.

lol @ you being HOT, you shoulda been there