Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I been prolonging the inevitable. I've been holding in this cry for 2 whole days now, and frankly I'm about to let it all out.


I feel like having to choose between two sports was bad enough, but damn, to hear we're just gonna take your volleyball scholarship away so you can focus on basketball was like telling me I couldn't handle it.

Because that's how I feel. Like everyone thinks I can't handle playing both sports. How the hell do they expect me to function in the Fall? Oh yeah, that's right...

Track. WTF!!!! I have nothing against track but my heart isn't all into it. It's just a hobby really. But, I guess I gotta get the money from somewhere.

This is a feeling I really can't shake. It's like being told that I suck. That I'm incapable of performing the task at hand.

Can't let this phase me for to long, still got a job to do. Gotta be mad now but over it right after now.

Currently Screaming.

This may not seem like a big deal too anyone else, but for, this is life. I live to play. Well, After the important people in my life... I live to play.

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