Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Didn't Settle

I was walking to the office Friday from the cafe and I realized something about V. State that I hadn't before. That as much as I hated it here, it wasn't half bad. It isn't half bad.

I don't know why I dreaded being a student here so much when this is the very place that I grew up. I guess it is because most people go to college in search of new places to start over. To re-create themselves.

They want to get away. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to get away too. I had huge dreams. And not to place the blame elsewhere but, after getting hurt, going D1 seemed impossible. But, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I had so many plans that I had forgotten if He doesn't want it for me, it's not going to happen. That statement is so true.

Anyway, I ended up here and to be honest, it is the best place for me. The people here, they spoil me. Not in a, whatever you want way either. They spoil me with knowledge and love. It is on this campus that I have learned some of the most important lessons I could ever learn.

It is where I found love, in that gymnasium. Where I fell deeper in love with the game. Being able to spend hours in the gym because my mom had practice or an office full of student-athletes meant that I was in the gym everyday.

This is where I learned wrong from right. How to be responsible, how to be a young lady. What not to do, and what to always do. Here I gained hundreds of big sisters and brothers. Saw my first step show, experienced an HBCU homecoming.

This is where I first noticed how good of a thing change really is. This campus, for me, holds memories that I never want to forget, and some I hate having to remember.

I understand that being here is not a result of me settling, it is a result of me being placed here. This is where I need to be, all the great things I am to, I will do here.

It is with open arms that I accept this task before me, and with a strong will and open mind I am jumping in with no reservations.

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