Sunday, June 20, 2010

Extremely Random Confessions and Questions

Okay, so lately my mind has been quite full of things that, well just keep replaying in my head. But, I gotta clear my mind b/c well, things are starting to fall apart again. I don't know what triggered this recent civil war within my household if I'm going to be dealing with it then I gotta be able to keep a cool head otherwise I'll be disappearing again.

So here goes:

Why do people hold what their old bf/gf did against the new or possible ones?

What is so great about Donald Trump's nappy hair(piece)? lol

Why does Omarosa have a show on TV One? so pointless

If rules are meant to be broken then what is the point of rules being set?

I'm not the type to hold a grudge but I never forget.

I'm not as sex crazed as I use to be. Shocking right?

Looking back, I often wonder what I was thinking when I approached certain people.

Why is it so hard to start a relationship but so easy to end one?

When it rains, it really does pour.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make us even.

I dated the football coach of the school which I am currently attending. smh @ myself

I hate it when I have no control over a situation I once had control over.

I've been in some serious like with the same person since I was a kid. Is that weird?

I'm afraid to smoke weed b/c I think I'll be the one to die after the first hit. Funny but true

I drink like a fish, but can't stand to be around sloppy drunks.

I had sex in the office a few times... yeah I really had a problem

I currently have a knot in my chest the size of a quarter that hurts like hell-o.

Sometimes I wanna drop out of school

I stole a former friends boyfriend unintentionally, then gave him back #triflin

okay, I got some more to say but this is getting to long so on to part 2

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