Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wise Words From A Decent Man

Mr. Anderson is an RE at State, and to be quite honest, I wish he was my RE. This man is choc full of knowledge, advice, and stories that will truly capture your attention and hold on to it.

I talked with him, well I listened for the most part, for almost 3 hours. He's seen me play basketball a few times, but I didn't really know him then. He told me I could be a much better ball player in I increased my stance when drop stepping. "Work on your balance and you'll be able to widen your stance and stay tall up top."

I'll definitely try that tomorrow.

The NBA and NFL, and many other pro sports leagues are composed of those who deserve the break they got, but who can't seem to leave behind the life they lived before the money. It's sad.

He told me about some of the guys he played against. How he thought he was the best until they played UCLA. He talked about getting pancaked by a 6' 10 center and scoring only 2 points that whole game, on the free throw line.

He talked about, his kids and his wife. How, his last girlfriend before he me his wife got him kicked out of 9th grade. He mentioned 10,000 times how sorry he felt for girls today, doing all they can to impress some "idiot with his pants below his draws."

He hated watching the girls sneak into his building to meet up with boys they'd just met in orientation days before. He said he couldn't understand why anyone would be so eagerly ready to decrease their self worth for minutes of fake pleasure.

He doesn't understand the Y Generation. What is the purpose of wearing your pants under your butt, why? Why do girls let their behinds hang out of their clothes?

There is nothing that says I don't want you to ever meet my momma more than booty cheeks and butt splits.

One thing he was very adamant on is self respect and determination. He feels that it lacks in this day, and he's right. People just don't care anymore. That's why, he, a retired military man, chooses to work in an all male freshmen dormitory.

He wants to mold his residents, make them better people.

Mr. Anderson gave me some sound advice that I will never forget. Before I left his office he aid something to me that I'll never forget.

"Know matter how bad things get, and know matter how much you want to give up, you keep pushing. There aren't many here willing to do what is necessary to reach their goals. You like to work for what you want while others want it to be given to them. Don't you ever get lazy, be willing at all times and things will come easy to you."


Don said...

Great post. Very motivating and truthful. I really enjoyed this read. When you really sit and think about it ... everything he says makes perfect sense. Why in the world does Generation Y walk around with their butts hanging out. Why do women and men give themselves up so easily for moments of fake pleasure.

This definitely speaks of true success @ you keep pushing. There aren't many here willing to do what is necessary to reach their goals.

missextraordinary said...

Yes he does... I really enjoy talking to him. I enjoy talking to grown folks, they are the realest people walking this earth.