Sunday, July 25, 2010

If You Really Knew Me

There are a few shows on MTV that actually grab and hold my attention, like My Life as Liz and The Hard Times of RJ Berger. True Life, I love, and I even catch myself watching Teen Mom.

But this new show that airs on Tuesdays, If You Really Knew Me, has really caught my attention. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely try and watch it.

The show is about high school students who undergo a 'challenge day.'

They are taken out of their comfort zones, pulled away from their cliques and grouped into small groups of other people.

Jocks, preps, cheerleaders, nerds, band geeks, orch dorks, skaters, trouble makers or thugs, the drama kids, the potheads, the nobodies, etc. etc.

All of these kids were put into groups with each other, one person from each clique in a group.

How would that work? They sat in circles all around the room just looking at each other, trying to decide whether they really wanted to open up to these perfect strangers.

Each person revealed something or somethings about their personal lives starting each sentence with, "If you really knew me..." WOW!

This was something so moving to watch, to see perfect strangers open up to each other and cry and express just how they felt about themselves and their lives.

People confessed things like attempting suicide, not having parents, doing drugs, feeling worthless, one guy even came out of the closet. It was amazing to see these kids embrace each other and show each other love.

One thing they did was an exercise in which a question would be asked and if the question applied to you, you were to walk to the other side of the room.

To see just how much people have in common emotionally, and how they came together so quickly is something that every high school student should experience.

This, I believe would really change the atmosphere of a high school. No, it wouldn't be perfect, but it would be better.

The connection one person can have with another when they both can lean on each other emotionally is something to be held on to with care.

Ugh it's a great show... to those of you reading, you should really try to watch it.

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Don said...

You make a good solid point concerning the emotional connections that birthed from such revelations. I hadn't heard of the show beforehand.

Sounds interesting.