Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Call Them Grown Men

I got a sweet tooth for "the older man." I don't know why but I do. It's something about a gentlemen a few years older than me that makes me smile.

I'm not saying I like them old as they come but generally 6-10 years older. Weird as it may be it's true. I don't know why but I'm drawn to them. Grown men is what I call them.

Sophisticated and fly. Intelligent brothers making their marks in the world. Running things. Smooth yet a little rough around the edges.

I like them tall and built right, inside and out.

I love the bookworms, they are so sexy to me. Nothing to me is sexier than a smart man that knows his stuff. Built ford tough on the outside though. Strong in his stance.

I'm not asking for a Morris Chestnut look-a-like, I do my best not to be all about appearance because the finest brothers do the most trifling things. But, let's be real, it's nothing like a grown man with the total package.

Whoo... what can I say, these brothers got it going on.

Now, I'm not knockin' the brothers of my generation some of them got it going on too. They're in school, working, some are playing sports and working, and some are even taking care of their kids all while maintaining a G.P.A. good enough to keep them on the Dean's List.

That too is very sexy.

But I can't help it. The grown men got it. Some might say that I have a problem, but truth be told I don't care. It is what it is.

I got a fetish for them grown men #dontjudgeme.

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