Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blowin' Off Some Steam

Ok so that last blog was a little... angry Ill admit it. But ugh!!!! For some reason I'm just in a mood like no other today. So I'ma blow off the rest of this steam.

First of all, I got this girl a job... come to find out the bitch is lazy. Lazy as fuck. Remember the line from Why Did I Get Married>>> "...she don't cook, she don't clean, she just don't do!" That's her, except she has extremely low self-esteem and an attitude that makes my blood boil.

I tried to be nice to her but when this lunch break is over, I'ma let her have it... a piece of my mind. Hell I'm so agitated right now she might get the whole thing not just a piece.

Whoo, I'm getting excited... listenin' to run up get done up... not very smart for someone in my current mood but it's all good.

Question... why do niggas think that after messin' around on you and breakin' up they can come back offer up a ring and think it'll fix things. NIIIIIGGGGGAAAAA PLLLLEEEAAAASSSSSEEE!

Then he had the nerve to get mad at me and tell me "Courtney you ain't really 'bout shit, just a last resort." Well boo, if that's how you feel kiss my last resort on ya way out. See, a few years back that shit might have phased my ass but now all can say to that is... "#FUCKOUTTAHERE"

See twitter is taking over lol... aww a smile, well damn there it goes.

But the evil one is making it's way across my face.

I'm about to let the whole world have it. This bad mood, this not caring shit it's chill for a few moments but I gotta admit, being angry is tiring.

Oh, and did I mention that... nah better save that for another conversation, one with someone I trust. Yeah, whoever that may be.

People are starting to show their true colors which means that they wee never as real as they claimed to be. Things they were hiding are coming out into the open and it's quite hilarious to watch it all unfold.

I'm starting to think some thing I was feeling were feelings of pure admiration not... well yeah. Just don't like that nigga anymore, but that one oh yeah he's a one night stand. lol Okay, okay I'm trippin'.

But at some point, when I'm back in my all day every day chill mode I will let y'all in on some stuff. Headed to give this girl my whole mind because just a piece wouldn't do any good.

*evil smile... quiet laugh... darkness

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