Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Focused

I rang in the New Year the best way I knew how... with Jesus. Church was so good can't help but feel like this just may be my year. Pastor preached on What Will you Leave Behind in 2009. And it made me think. There are so many things that I need to drop from my life before they consume me. I made some major breakthroughs this year but I also had a couple setbacks. I know now that I have to own up to those mistakes, accept them for they cannot be changed and look forward to a better year.
I am so ready to take on the year's challnges, for I know the one's coming my way are going to help me to make it to where I need to be. I will let nothing stand in my way this year as I did last year. My plan is to hold nothing back, say everything, and smile even when I don't want to. So bring it on 2010, because i am so ready.

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