Friday, January 22, 2010

So Far Friday

Okay... the day is halfway over and I gotta admit, I've been acting like a complete asshole. I woke up feeling fine. I was horny but thats beyond the point, I was in a good mood. And now people are coming into the office and calling and I'm just... on that I-don't-give-a-you-know-what-you=can-kiss-my-foot type a mood. But, all of that is about to change because, hell I'm tired of being rude. Especially since Jess just asked me to drive "pedialite" to his class and I didn't want to. I really don't like him. I mean, what grown man drinks pedialite? Hmm something has me tripping and I know what it is and I guess I should address the situation but damn... I don't want to seeing as how I always seem to be taken... not seriously. Oh well, the day isn't over yet but I'm sure lunch with my sister will change my whole daily outlook.

Definitely about to play something calming and mellow cuz... whoo child I'm just more irritated than a farmer with gophers in his garden.

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