Friday, January 22, 2010


Thursday sucked... it sucked bad. Of course there were good moments but all in all it just sucked. Just UGH!!!!!! I don't know why because I woke up in a good mood. But people and their effed up moods and b*llshit attitudes just wore me down.

Today sucked so bad that it's funny. I don't know just... whatever. I mean, I smiled all day but the people that came in and out of the office and some of the people I talked to today were just weird. It was like everyone was on asshole mode today.

I'm not complaining I'm just pissed because they killed my whole buzz. I wonder if it's the rain. Personally, I love the rain but it makes people act funny. It's like they have to act the way it looks outside. Hmmm oh well, it's a new day, Friday, and I'm feeling good... not to mention I woke up wanting it...

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