Monday, January 4, 2010

Ummmm... seriously???

Relationships are complicated, I get that... long distance relationships are even more complicated at times, yet, they are still complicated. But and open-relationship... is out of the question...

So, I woke up this morning to the most interesting voicemail I think I've ever gotten. This guy, who I talked to for a while, but dated briefly called me last night (way past my bedtime according to my sister lol) and said that he missed me so much and that he loved me and that he had made a mistake. CONFUSED FACE???? Now, I didn't call back because well, I don't plan on backpeddling this year.

Why am I not backpeddling? Because this is the same guy that told me he wanted to be in an open-relationship because he felt I wasn't enough. And that while he was going to be gone (he's military. airforce, navy, something in a uniform) that he is gonna want to find someone to satisfy his "emotional and physical needs." That was a load of malarchy. Then he sent me an email and I just can't help but copy and paste this b.s.

baby for real i need you in my life. this is a new year and i promise to be a better man. what you want to do about us. if you want to make this work then WE got to try to make it work. love you

Seriously dude... I know you read this blog everyday because you always have something slick to say about it in my fb inbox so check it... I'm not stupid, if I wasn't enough for you then I'm probably not going to be enough for you now since I'm still here and you're now there. Hmmmm I guess that sucks for you then huh... damn

oh but we can still be friends lol

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