Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sitting Here Because...

I hate math... well I don't hate it but I just don't really like it. So why am I taking another math class? Because I am now a double major in English and Business and according to the admissions counselors I needed to take accounting and another upper level stat class (where did stat pt. 2 come from). Which, I understand yet, don't agree with why... because I hate math.

But this math class isn't so bad, everything we do is on the computer. And everything we need for this class with the exception of our calculators, is on the computer. So, I'm the type of student that likes to stay ahead. So I did all my homework, and even took my test already so that I wouldn't have to be in class right now. But here I am, in class at this very moment.

Why am I sitting here... because I'm in a class full of slackers! And instead of taking the profeessor up on his offer to have a walk this morning. They didn't do any homework and only one other girl took the test. AND SHE FAILED! So I am sitting here in class doing nothing because the professor has me helping half the class and he's helping th other.

I'm so overjoyed to be here... YAY (in my sarcastic voice.)

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