Sunday, January 24, 2010


This weekend was pretty chill if I do say so myself. My Saturday morning was intense. Worked out, ran quite a few errands, met up with my sisters and took 'em to work with me. That was too funny. Then I went home and crashed! Working six days a week can break ya body down at times. I'm def in need of some TLC and a nice tall glass of red gatorade.

Church was really good this morning and I can't help but shine like the sun even though outside it looks like rain. But it's all good b/c rain for me equals, fireplace, notebook, and music. I worked out today too. Nothing heavy just rode the bike for a half hour.

Man, this fasting thing it isn't all that exciting. Im tryna hold out but my body is practically cursing at me. Hopefully me and Lena will make it through it lol.

The only thing throwing me off is that my phone is well... non existent at the moment which sucks because I have so much communicating that I wanna do. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Back to the money in the a.m. (I'm tryna be grown)

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