Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

I was relieved that I would not be going into work Saturday morning, and that I had went and done some "snow grocery shopping" so that I wouldn't starve while I was trapped inside. Luckily for me the fam was in Danville so I have the entire house to myself.

Unfortunately, I have the whole house to myself. I have a fireplace, hot chocolate, marshmallows, my fav blanket and my dallas pillow, my movies, and my music. But damn... that's all I have. This whole single, independent woman thing is getting real old real quick. No wonder all the single people I know are miserble.

It's funny how when I was getting into trouble and acting like a bitch toward everyone I always had a man. But now that I'm on a path to doing and accomplishing great things I can't even find a nigga to respect that. Ugh I sound like a lonely old lady. The fact is... I am kinda lonely. I miss the affection and the emotional connection a relationship provides. Not to mention I miss the SEX!!!!! I'm so aggravated and sexually frustrated the people I work with are starting to notice, and that has never been a good thing.

Things are definitely about to change because frankly, I can't take this anymore...

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