Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wowie Cazowie!!!!

This morning was interesting considering that my night rolled over into the morning. I got no sleep, to much was going on. No drama, just life. I talked to each of my sisters last night for a good while and then I just kinda chilled. I was to tired to sleep, restlessness.

I had the weirdest encounter with an ex today and to be honest, I was quite disgusted, yet amused all in the same. Disguested because eewwww he has a girlfriend that I'm sure he kisses and... well yeah does all that to on the regular. Yet amused because he caught me off guard and it was just an ugly kiss. Funny, he kissed a lot better whne he was dating me. Lol okay...

Then Alaska commented on some pics I had taken and put on my page talking aobut some... baby I love you... SO WHAT? You only dated me for 2 months, you're 26... grow up man!!!! Lol... I'm trippin' according to the girls.

And to top off my day, the girls and I been in here trippin' off nonsense, we have issues (no we don't they say). But I say they do, we all do. Which is cool because if we can't be stupid around each other who can we be stupid with huh?

Day isn't quite over yet but the most important stuff (work and friends)never stops running my life. Hmmm one day I'll have it all... a good job, the same true friends I kept around, and a good man... but until then I'm good... smiling everyday and that's what it is.

The girls say "Hey people!!! Later people!!!"

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