Friday, January 29, 2010

Twitter Me Baby

Hahaha... I finally gave in to the Office Crew demands and made myself a twitter... and wow as wack as I thought it would be, it's kinda funny. It's like text the whole world at one time. That was one of the two highlights of my day. The other would have to be leslie playing with those chipmunks she got out of her kids meal from micky d's. That girl is special.

I am so tired. Since school started I've been going like 1,00 mph and the only chance I have of slowing down and regrouping is the possiblity of a snow day tomorrow. I have worked for the last eleven days straight. My 8-5 has become a 7-7, not to mention that I workout in the evening and then go home to devote time to my books. Whoo, I am so ready for CI's... I might be sleeping while the girl's party.

And if I here one more thing about valentine's day I'm gonna scream. All my sisters have boo's so I'll be spending this V-Day alone, great. Maybe I'll go to Jess' dinner thing she's havin'... but even then there will be people there with their "boo thangs." Maybe I'll just chill, either way this single thing is startin' to annoy me.

(praying for snow... a lot of snow)


Don said...

Twitter has become the new thing I see. Everyone's hollering Twitter Me Baby. LOL!

Valentines Day is for single people as well. Remember that.

missextraordinary said...

Im going to keep that in mind... and yeah twitter is it now! LOL