Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Last Dance

It's 6:50, ten minutes to showtime and what am I doing, listening to Lee Ann Womacks I Hope You Dance, calming myself from the pre-show excitement that had taken place hours before. There are a million steps racing through my head, but the one thing I'm focusing on most is the first jump... and he nine pirouettes that follow. I know that if I nail the first jump, the rest of the night will go smoothly. It's now 6:55 and I've turned off the ipod and am now standing with the rest of the company praying for a good show. Good luck wishes all around, places everyone... curtain call, qucik intro by Mrs. K and... SHOWTIME!

Hands, feet, hips baby hips (just for you bas!) and tip up... almost at the edge, jump and arms... nice... pirouettes, nice. I rocked that baby. The show was absolutely amazing. There is nothing better than being able to transform from one character to the next. Telling a story body language and facial expressions. It's like acting except the energy is 100x higher and adrenaline rushes through you 1000x faster. Every set was better than the first. But my favorites were... Chicago, Center Stage, and True Love (shout out to jeremy the best doubles partner I have ever had luv ya babes)!! but like all good things the show came to an end.

At the end of the show the company took me to my limits and actually made me cry a little bit. The tribute they put together for Bas, Jeremy, and I was so sweet. Pictures from 3 years ago until now brought back so many memories and made me realize just how much I am going to miss the costume changes and the extremely heavy make-up, and the tiring, make ya whole body hurt rehearsals. It was all worth and although this break I am taking is one that is much needed I am regrettig it. but who's to say when I return to the dance floor I won't be as strong as I know I can be.

Lights, curtain, music... dance!!!

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