Thursday, December 10, 2009


New York was amazing! I had the best time ever and I cannot wait to go back. Once I find a traveling partner I'm headed back to the big apple! After an absolutely wonderful weekend I returned to a week full of final exams. Now there's nothing wrong with taking a full load until exam time comes around then I ask myself "What the hell was I thinking taking 7 classes???" Yeah I know, I'm crazy lol.

Exam week has always been stressful for me but this week outside influences took away my focus. A friend of mine "ROC" passed away and it's eating me up. I miss her like crazy already. I'm hoping that our old crew will get together real soon because we're all hurting. But, I gotta stay strong because although I'm the baby, everyone looks to me for consoling and I have to hold it together.

On a lighter and extremely crazier note... my best guy friend told me he was in love with me last night. WHOA!!!! Hold up there runner jump back on your block! I mean really, way to knock me off my rocker. Like I can understand b/c at one point I was crushing on him too, but LOVE???? Wow! I wonder why he waited until he got to Jersey to tell me that... hmmm.

A confession of love, the passing of my homegirl, and a proposal... whoo what a week. All I need is a lil TLC and some quality time. There is nothing I want more to do right now than to chill. As much as I would like a lil "company" I have a feeling that I need to be alone.

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