Sunday, November 21, 2010

Village Drunk

As my alcohol induced buzz wears off I must say, this has been an interesting night. And I wann blog it all down before I forget anything.

I'm pretty sure about whats happening now so everything should be spelled correctly and written well.

To start off, my mother and I had a huge fight. Which made me upset. So, I drank with the guys down the hall. NOT SMART!!!!

But after two hours enough was enough so I left. I remember falling the hall and being dragged into my room by another RA and my bestie. No a good look.

My friend J.S. was in my room and heard some things I been holding from him.

I cried, a lot. Emotional drunk status. Then I called my brother. And I cried some more. Then, J.S. climbed into bed with me and let me cry out everything.

Then me adnd my bestie painted... oh boy what fun.

Now I'm sitting here and I'm covered in paint. In my hair and all over my clothes and all.

But I'm going to bed now...

Oh yeah, I gave J.S some advice that I hope he listens to.

Picked a fight with Mr. Fantastic, and would like fore him to know. I could be that girl but he makes me so angry with these confusing responses.

I have a great of feelings for him but at the same time, I wonder if I'm in this alone world.

Good night... church in 3 hours.

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