Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night

No classes!
No meetings!
No duty!
No nothing!
Just me and my time.
I got some things done today and enjoyed being able to chill.
I took a risk and did something different with my hair, and people say it looks nice.
I wonder if they really like it or if they just saying that, hmmm.
Who cares, I like it.
Two strand twists!
This is my first step to going natural.
Next step... don't know yet.
Spontaneity is what I'm feeling with this going natural thing.
Maybe the big chop soon?
Movie night.
Gridiron Gang and Wrong Turn 2 with the residents (that don't go out).
Drunk residents in the lobby, one bit me, right in the left chi chi... sent him to his room.
Was going to go to bed after that.
Got a text made me mad, now I'm up again.
Didn't respond, don't want to it'll start a fight.
"I would have rather have had you biting me but you through a fit for no reason. Gosh mister, I'm trying but the slightest mistake and you blow up. Ugh! Should I give up? Tell me now because honestly I want this to happen!"
I left my homeboy to write this blog.
Now, I'm about to lay it down forreal.
Ugh, just want him to like me.

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