Sunday, November 7, 2010


I give up on people. I've been losing for so long right now giving up is the only option. I'm tired of fighting battles that I feel I'm not meant to win.

What's the point of trying to look out for a friend if all they're going to do is be mad at you for giving them what they have asked for. The truth.

What's the point of working so hard for something if the end result is always going to be the same. The end, nothing more but plenty less.

If you can't tell by now, lately I've been losing quite a bit and to be honest, I'm fucking tired of fighting.

What's the point of pouring your heart out to someone if all they're going to do is disregard your feelings. Treat them as if they are nothing more than spoken words with no meaning at all.

AND WHAT IS THE POINT! of trying to make sure that everything around you is running smoothly and the people around you are happy if all you're going to do is be unhappy on the inside.

I'm slowly losing a battle that was never mine to fight in the first place. I'm done trying to be there for people, I'm done trying to open my heart to love, I'm done trying to help everyone else. Until everyone else is willing to do the same for me.

You only get out what you put in, tired of trying only to be shot down when I'm not wanted and wanted when I'm the last resort.

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