Monday, November 15, 2010

This Guy

This week should be a breeze after today so I'm hoping for the best. I pulled out my notebook and began to read some stuff aloud to my new friend and even though the things I read were very personal, he listened.

His level of intensity in which he listened was crazy high and I was grateful for that. Who would have thought that the kid from the B-side and I would be as close as we are.

He's a really good person and I am thankful for his friendship.

I have to admit though, it is kind of odd how close we have become in this short period of time.

The funny thing is, everyone thinks we're messing around, but they couldn't be further from the truth.

We are actually in the same boat when it comes to giving relationships a try. We both want a specific someone. Funny how people connect.

This guy, what can I say he's a keeper when it comes to me making new friends. A true friend, I can see that. And I hate to admit it but there are times when this guy can read me like a book.

It's weird, we just started hanging out, all because we are Dallas and Texas fans. I know, I'm shocked too... a Dallas and Texas fan from Virginia, whoa!!!

So... who is this new friend, my homie, my ace, my black friend with no rhythm lol.

This guy... my homie for life, J.S.

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