Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Weekend

When you make plans for the days ahead, for months ahead... do you ever consider yourself a physic, I mean, it's like you know the future.

Okay, that's my random-doesn't-make-much-sense-question of the day.

This weekend, I will be, working, and doing lots of reading and other homework. My summer session for the 2011 summer just started Monday and already I feel swamped. Two English classes and a Spanish class. The story of my life because well, this is what I wanted to study.

All of this reading and writing, and in two languages. I've got to be crazy to want to do this. Maybe not. Maybe it is because this is what I love. I love to read and write. I want to give another student the push my teacher gave me.

She said that reading and writing was more than just something that had to be done to learn. It's needs to be done to elevate a persons knowledge on life, and to release a person's stresses about life.

Gosh I wish I'd known then how right she was about that statement, I would've acted like I cared then.

But anyway, back to this weekend. I'm working, reading, and writing until I can't no more! I have tons of things to do now. It didn't seem like a lot when my classes started but then I realized... It's a helluva a lot.

Ah well, I can handle it, just gotta make sure I get it all done, and do well on it. Straight A's this summer, thats what I'm pulling for.

One Love

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