Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get It Out!!!!

These thoughts are kicking my butt. And then with everything I got going on right now I am losing my mind.

Okay I'm not really losing my mind. But I'm losing it.

Between these three classes, and work, and SGA, and English Club, and life. I'm just, I don't know.

Fighting the good fight. If it can even be called the good fight. But yesterday, I really got slammed with things.

School work, work-work, and even extracurricular work. How do they all manage to drop everything on me at once.

I already have a million and one thoughts. And now I have a million and twelve.

This week is already kicking my butt and I am in need of some fun. Some real, laugh about it weeks later fun.

Something to take my mind off of midterm stress. And all the other stress that comes with being a part of all of these organizations.

The 'rents and my lil sister are stressing me out too but I let the sh*t they do roll off because they never make any sense.

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