Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Got Love On My Mind Because I Miss It

I miss it.
The love that is to be made.
The passion that is played upon.

But, why did I give it all up?
What made me want to let go of something so real.
Maybe it wasn't real love.

Maybe it was fake.
But, I miss it.

I miss...
I miss the long slow kisses..
The gentle touch of one's hand.

I miss the randomness before.
But most of all I miss the intimacy after.

I miss the soft heavy breaths I was forced to take.
The feeling of pure ecstasy.

But I gave it up.

Because I got tired of the planned sex.
As much as I enjoyed it,
I got tired of the pushing and pulling.

Because it wasn't real.
It was staged.
It was certain to happen.

I got tired of that.
I got tired of being told, when you get here...
I didn't miss that.

Sometimes, no, all the time.
I want the randomness.
The quality time.

Because I don't want love all the time.
Well, not the physical.
But when I want it, like now.

I want it.

I miss it.
The love.
Being loved on.

When I'm bored my mind wanders to
The love.

I got love on my mind.
I Miss It.

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