Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love Actually, Yeah No

I love you.

Three very powerful words that should not be used unless the person using them is sure/ This isn't a phrase to be tossed around and used lightly.

So, I had a conversation a long time ago and these words came out my mouth, and I don't know why but for the last few months I been thinking about that same conversation, and I realize...

I don't think I meant it. It came out, very prematurely. It just kind of ran out of my mouth. To be honest I wish I could take it back.

Because even now, at this very moment, I don't know what love is. I haven't felt it yet. Not the way I've been told it'll feel.

But even then, not one person on this planet can say, this is what love is, and this is how it feels because everyone loves, perceives, and receives it differently.

I don't even know what made me say it. It just came out. I'm learning, from myself, that I don't really love as many people as I say I love you too and I'm trying to catch myself from using the term so loosely.

Even though this can't be learned I want to know, what does it consist of? Love is, what exactly?

Is it, knowing everything about someone and still wanting to be with them. Or is it taking care of someone when they need you the most, sacrificing yourself for them?

Is love knowing the little things? Someone's favorite color, favorite food, their favorite thing to do.

And what makes someone fall in love. What is it about human attraction. Other than the obvious physical of course.

What draws someone in to another person. Ugh, I just don't know. I can't really say. I guess that old cliche, you'll know when, is true.

I'm still wondering what made me say it. It frustrates me. But it's been done and although I can't take it back, I can and have learned from it.

I do know this though.

Love ain't easy, I see that when I talk to the old folks. And they know love.


25champ said...
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25champ said...

Love can't really be defined, but their are different types....you can be in love, or love as in ( I wouldn't want any bad 2 happen 2 u) or unconditional love which we usually have for kids, parents, but if have for another indivual then you are probably in love... check out Love Isn't Science