Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Moves

Every school I have ever attended I have been a part of something, or done something worth a little recognition.

In elementary school I was a part of the infamous Safety Patrol Squad and wrote for the school newspaper. I still have those papers by the way. And I won a few spelling bees.

In middle school I joined book club and continued with girl scouts and such. Played sports still and did the dancing thing. But it was in middle school I learned one of my greatest talents, in my opinion. I learned to play the cello and read music.

Ahhh the mellow sounds of a beautifully crafted instrument.

Then in high school I continued with my music, slowly drifted away from dancing for a bit but got back into it. Played varsity sports, joined the Spanish club, the book club, Established Divine Sisters in Worship and hosted a radio show.

So at Richard Bland I joined and became the President of Student Ambassadors, joined student assembly, became a member of the Appeals committee, worked, and of course made good grades.

With all of that being said and quite a bit not being said, it would only make sense for me to continue on and be a part of things just as great right?

Which is why I am running for the Chief of Staff position at VSU. Why not, I want to be able to leave a legacy behind that doesn't only consist of...

"Courtney Davis, student-athlete and Peggy Davis' daughter."

I'm also, applying to be the Yearbook writer and sports editor. Fixing my educational goals and Double-Majoring again... in English (minor in secondary education)and Hospitality (with a concentration in event planning).

Radio Show is going well. The board looks great. I'm focusing on sports for now because according to our GM the seniors and grad students are the only ones to have their own 3hr segments. And they suck!!!! I could do so much better.

In my trial I did.

But all in all, I'm about to make some major moves on this campus. Moves that will rock all of Petersburg and maybe even Richmond.

Oh and, could I possibly run for Miss Senior or Miss VSU... who knows. But I'm contemplating it... heavily.

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